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Thank you Rand Paul March 7, 2013

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I love when people do brave things.  I love when someone is convicted so strongly about something that could happen, that they stand up and take action.  I love to see people stand up for our Constitution, I love seeing people be strong and stand up against bullies.  I loved seeing Sen. Rand Paul stand up against the Obama administration, even though he was criticized and called all kinds of special names.  He actually united some unlikely groups!  Imagine that!  All that for standing up for that ancient document that has been trampled on so much in the last few years, that thing called the Constitution of the United States!  He is my hero today!  But like any politician, it could be brief . . . time will tell . . .

So what did this Senator do?  A good, old-fashioned Filabuster!  I explained it to my daughter this morning with hopes that her American History teacher will bring it up today.  We stalled senate votes on the CIA director nominee.  He is opposed to this candiate because he supports the President trying to pus through drone attacks on American citizens.  In my opinion, if you are a citizen, regardless of whether or not you are a full-fledged citizen or enemy combatant, you are an American citizen, and you should go through appropriate due process.  You should not be killed and not be served with the reason why.  Too many loopholes allow any administration to use these drones on anyone. The target would not even know why they are targeted if the government does want to go through the process of convicting someone of a crime.

What Rand Paul did yesterday was gutsy.  Nobody filabusters anymore.  Obviously with Obamacare, representatives voted on that without even reading the legislation.  Why should a vote on the CIA director be rammed through that will push this policy into action.  I appreciate that he wanted to public to be aware of what was going on.  He knew this would make the news, as no one uses the filabuster anymore.  What was even cooler about what he did- usually legislators would read from the phone book or other dumb things to use up time, but he used his 12+ hours up by explaining what was going on with these current issues, and what is happening with our country, what is going wrong and what we can do about it.  He made the public aware that even the Attorney General admitted it was unconstitutional.  The same attorney general that has violated the constitution!  I wish more of my fellow citizens would please wake up and pay attention to what is going on in our country.  We cannot be asleep at the wheel much longer!  

As for today, Rand Paul is on my list of brave people that I admire.  I hope he can continue to stand up for what is right!