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Just another Manic Monday? January 28, 2013

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Oh boy! I might be a bit premature at writing this, but I marvel at how fast a day can go from-“Yeah, me!  I am rocking this day, I am accomplishing my list, everyone is happy”  to- “Really???  Can it get worse?”  Well the obvious answer to that is, YES!  So, I must count my blessings.  However, it is funny how an easy dentist appoiontment turns into a downward spiral consisting heavily of unrealistic fear, tears and drama of the teenage kind.  Oy! 

In my home, drama has no place, especially since it can creep in so easily.  Some might say it is cold to have to be firm with the child who is over dramatic, but I have found if you are soft and allow for the drama . . . it gets WORSE!  I have found that the non-emotional reaction works best.  When my children were little and threw a tantrum (fortunately it was not often) after they received the verbal warning, I simply walked away, even in public.  It worked every time!   I noticed that if I react, the drama level only increases.  Also, I do not deserve the disrespect that comes along with high drama level.  I feel that it is disrespectful to all involved to carry on in such a way that would frighten young and old alike.  Today, I sent her to the car while I found out there is no appointment available before the next crucial appointment, except for one tomorrow at 7:45 am that I simply cannot pull off and be in 3 different places.

Today, after the not-so-expected news from our great dentist, this was a fabulous part of my otherwise smooth afternoon.  We are all on our own private time-outs so that all nerves calm down.  Teenage daughter has been talked to by me (dad is not home yet).  Let’s hope that our evening is more pleasant than this afternoon.

Pray for me . . .