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The Backyard Adventure . . . May 20, 2013

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The backyard has been a hard area to decide what to do.  We have an “L” shaped yard that includes hogs, chicken, fruit trees and my veggie garden.  Last year, we were blessed with a hot tub from my sister-in-law and her hubby.  They did not use it anymore and thought we would get use out of it.  We poured a concrete pad in the part of the yard that is closest to the house.  Great location, but it was not private, hot and dirt every where.  We then decided to save a little bit of money and start fixing it up.  We are double blessed to have a friend who is an excavator and could move our clay dirt and help dig the footings. . 

So, we decided to build a deck off of the hot tub pad.  On Saturday, the guys started pouring concrete for the footings.  I came home at the right time to help hold tape measures, get cold drinks, and then I got asked the magic question- Do you want to learn to do concrete???  And my answer was . . . YES!!!

This is one of the 3 footings that I did!  Yeah me!

ImageThe frame of the deck is now up!  ImageNow the problem of making your yard nice is that we have farm animal roaming the property.  So, my hubby is building a redwood fence on both sides of the garden to keep them out!  

My veggie garden is my pride and joy.  It relaxes me to just pull weeds.  We will have a rainbow of tomatoes this year!


Say Hi to my dog- Meg!  She is a good dog!

ImageNo backyard would be complete without a pellet gun to try to take out the gophers!  Yes, we are a bit redneck, but you gotta do what you gotta do if the varmint is destroying your yard!ImageWell, I hope to post more pictures once we get the deck and walkway done!