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Changes in our bodies March 21, 2021

Who would have thought this would be a topic I would write about. Not me! But it has become so pronounced the last few months due to changes, not only in lifestyle in the last year, but stress, hormonal changes- you know . . . all that fun stuff!

When the lockdown began last year, I never realized how much walking I did in a day. The building I taught in took up a city block, and I spent much of my time there. When all of a sudden you are told you can’t go to work, then we worked virtually, your body starts to talk to you about not getting the same amount of exercise each day. When the lockdown first started, the girls and I were thinking that we would be taking all these great walks and how we would have extra time to do X, Y and Z. Well, I could not have been more wrong, speaking for myself.

As the last year has progressed and I have lost significant income for our budget, I have had to pivot everything I do to make money, and it all involves being sedentary. I have never sat this much in my entire life. I have always been active. Between trying to work and homeschool- the aches and pains of my not-so-young body have made themselves known. As a single mom, throw in all the household everything- cleaning, cooking, and trying to prevent my house from falling apart! I had been trying to maintain my weight- a year ago, I was in a great place . . .

Let’s just talk about the last 3 months- the stress level of being there for a very depressed young lady (she is missing her old life and her outlet), and my other daughter breaking her arm (two surgeries!) , then my younger having a wisdom teeth surgery that ended up sending up back to the surgeon 3 more times, and that not nice girlfriend named Peri-Menopause knocking on my door way more than she is welcome to . . . it has become a bad combination!

I had to go in for a check up a few weeks ago for my annual visit and my doctor, who I have gone to for 23 years and I adore, took one look at me and my weight on the chart and said, “Oh Jaime, stress and cortisol is getting you!” So here I am, dealing with 3 months of weight gain, stress I never imagined and my body screaming at me for the changes of the last year . . . What is a girl to do? I have tried to sneak in hikes/walks when I can, lots of stretching, cutting back on certain foods, all the things I know, but desperately needing to get some kind of structure in my life. Routine. Routine is good. The last year has been about just going moment by moment and dealing with one crisis as it comes and of course putting the needs of my kids first and foremost as they have gone through so,so much in the last few years that no child or young person should.

My hope is that when Spring Break approaches the reset button can get hit and we get a fresh start. That is what Easter is all about, right? Renewal, Refreshing, letting God do His work? I need to refocus and get ready, I have a glimpse of what is coming at me in the next 18 months, and if I cannot get myself on track, the train is at risk of derailing. We can’t have that happen. There is some good out there on the horizon. . . I just want to be able to run into it without huffing and puffing . . . That is not too much to ask, is it?