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Food and Disney go together . . . January 11, 2021

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My best friend, Cathy, and my daughter were talking recently about how much we have missed our annual trip to Disneyland with our two families since Disneyland has been forced to stay closed due to the Rona. We have an annual fall trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth” with lots of wonderful traditions!

Cathy decided to throw a Disneyland party, which I will share in detail at a later date. We made delicious foods that we love to have on our trips. So, as I am in the beginning stages of re-focusing and re-branding my businesses, I have made a cooking class for one of the recipes we enjoyed- Fantastia Cheesecake!

Enjoy the video and share your feedback. See what fabulous Pampered Chef products you may find!


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Starting Over . . . January 3, 2021

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Just the phrase of “Starting Over” feels like a contradiction of emotions- dark, dreary and impossible- hopeful and exciting. I am not sure which side of the emotional spectrum I call into. Like most topics and issues in life, I float, landing somewhere in the middle after much pondering, praying, researching. We shall see . . .

I find myself at the place in life I never thought I would be- a single mom, life turned up-side down, and just when you thought, “OK, I think the worst is behind us now, we can rebuild our lives”, throw in The Rona- loss of most of my business, switch to virtual teaching at my other job, then laid off. Moving eldest back home, youngest lost her entire extracurricular life (her whole outlet). Darkness has loomed for months of just trying to make it from day to day, seeing what life will throw at us next. And it keeps on coming.

The only thing that has been stable is my radio job, but that does not pay a fraction of the bills on its own. My side business weighed heavily on the events industry (weddings, proms, pagents), and that is gone for a long, long time (Thanks Dictator Newsom!). Secret weddings have popped up, thank God! Being laid off from my teaching job was a big financial hit for us. Add into it, I don’t appear to be eligible for unemployment and getting help and questions answered on that front has been next to impossible. So, what is a girl to do when you don’t want to supplement with savings forever? Figure it out, like I always have.

So . . . I go back to what I know and what I have done. I am trying to see where the pieces fit together and how to make things work with my life. My girls, especially my younger, need me, as they have no one else. They are my priority until they fly. I almost forgot I had this blog! I look back at all those years ago with twinges of sadness. I was so hopeful and excited to see where life was going. I did not think I would be here. With the alarm clock ticking with so many decisions to make (work, and way beyond!) My focus must remain on providing for the three of us and healing from all the darkness and abuse that came upon us.

So here is to fresh starts, right? That is what the New Year is supposed to symbolize. Or so we thought. It is the day two years ago that things changed. It is the symbol of when the darkness took over our house. But, this year, as we drove up the coast and I told my girls, “Throw it all in the ocean- the negativity, the bad thoughts- and let it all wash away. We deserve to be happy and not live in bondage anymore.” And we won’t. I will figure it out. Where we will go, what I will do (the girls are close to flying!).

I guess coming back around to this blog could be the beginning of something good. I need good. I need direction. I need fun.


It has been awhile . . . May 10, 2013

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WOW!  Life has been such a whirlwind!  We have had so many projects- our back yard dug up and ready for a patio and deck.  We also painted our home’s exterior.  We have had weeks of sewing going on in my office and it is now finished!  Every year, my 4-H members sew a project and it gets entered in the county’s Food and Arts Celebration and Fashion Review.  Besides getting their work judged, they also get interviewed, model and put on a fashion show.  My members did fantastic!  We did a fashion show for our club too!


In the middle of all the craziness, my hubby’s uncle passed away.  So we had to help with the services.  My niece is having a baby and there was the gift to finish making and the beautiful baby shower.  We have finished the talent show.  Now we just have 8th grade graduation and I think we will catch our breath!

Today, we worked the hogs.  They needed a de-wormer and then the dreadful pictures for their entry forms.  Try to get your child to pose with their hog and have all the hooves in the pictures.  OY!  Trying to get the girls to keep up with their responsiblities has been a wee bit challenging.  My goal for the summer is to get a regular routine back to the chores and eliminate some of the whining.  Wish me luck!!!!

My goal is to get back to posting regularly and keep up with recipes.  I also want to get my new business Home Ec Express steadily growing.  I would love to hear what you want to know in the sewing and cooking world!  Post your requests below!



Helping with a pie . . . February 13, 2013

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We had a dinner party coming for the quadruple birthday and I needed dessert, but in our little neighborhood, one friend lost their dad and another had their teenage son in a bad car accident. I thought a pie for these families would be a good thing. Once I got started, I thought it would be a good idea to snap pictures of the process. So many of you are afraid of making homemade pie crust and it is SO EASY!

I use a basic recipe that I got in high school. It has never failed me.

Using pastry blender to crumble together the shortening and flour

Using pastry blender to crumble together the shortening and flour

Add ICE cold water and mix in with a fork

Add ICE cold water and mix in with a fork[/caption

[caption id="attachment_111" align="alignnone" width="300"]Using a well floured pastry mat, mine is silicone, pat the dough into a nice circle Using a well floured pastry mat, mine is silicone, pat the dough into a nice circle.


Using your pastry mat to help fold the crust, fold into quarters and move to your pie plate.

Using your pastry mat to help fold the crust, fold into quarters and move to your pie plate.

Unfold crust in pie plate and start crimping the edges to make the pretty!

Unfold crust in pie plate and start crimping the edges to make them pretty!  A pretty pie is an eaten pie!  We eat with our eyes first! 

A close up of using the finger-method to flute your edges.

A close up of using the finger-method to flute your edges.

Completed pie crust!  Now it just needs filling . . . I still had pumpkin from November so that was an easy decision!

Completed pie crust! Now it just needs filling . . . I still had pumpkin from November so that was an easy decision!

2 delicious pumpkin pies ready to be baked and sent off to love someone!

2 delicious pumpkin pies ready to be baked and sent off to love someone!

Who says you can only have Pumpkin Pie October through December??  Not me!



The Superbowl and childhood memories . . . February 5, 2013

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Now that the Super Bowl is over, and I think I got most of the party mess over, it is time to reflect.  This year was special.  Not only am I one of the 49er Faithful, I got really sentimental.  Most people do not realize that I am not a Central Coast native.  I did marry one though.

I was born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Just south of San Francisco, I even went to the same high school where Steve Jobs and Woz had attended.  My sister and I went to school with some of the kids of 49er players.  We used to fight over who was going to marry Joe Montana (I should, of course, I am older!)  We were in the city all the time.  I still lived there when they were in the 4 previous Super Bowls that they won.

Even more unknown, I gradutated from Turlock High.  Yes, I lived in Turlock for 2 years.  The same town that Colin Kapernick is from.  (and my girls are arguing over which one gets to marry him!)  Granted, the high school he graduated from did not even exist when I lived there, we are just bursting with pride!

To top off the excitement, I had to go to “work” (in quotes since my family does not think I work on those trips) in the Bay Area, a trip to the City was necessary, just 2 days before the Super Bowl that I waited for for 19 years.  

To make my day even better .  . . . Boudin Bakery made Footbal Sourdough Loaves!

To make my day even better . . . . Boudin Bakery made Footbal Sourdough Loaves!

My hotel was just a couple of minutes walk from the NEW 49er stadium- to be ready by the 2014 season!

We had such a FUN party with the our friends and family for the big game! My heart was filled with joy to be able to share our home! Even though our team lost, it was such a great day!

Just a bit of the delicious feast we had!

Just a bit of the delicious feast we had!

Granted there were some mistakes made, the fact that the 49ers made it to the Superbowl was amazing and I beleive next year, we will be back again! I cannot wait for football season to start!!!! Hurry up fall!


Just another Manic Monday? January 28, 2013

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Oh boy! I might be a bit premature at writing this, but I marvel at how fast a day can go from-“Yeah, me!  I am rocking this day, I am accomplishing my list, everyone is happy”  to- “Really???  Can it get worse?”  Well the obvious answer to that is, YES!  So, I must count my blessings.  However, it is funny how an easy dentist appoiontment turns into a downward spiral consisting heavily of unrealistic fear, tears and drama of the teenage kind.  Oy! 

In my home, drama has no place, especially since it can creep in so easily.  Some might say it is cold to have to be firm with the child who is over dramatic, but I have found if you are soft and allow for the drama . . . it gets WORSE!  I have found that the non-emotional reaction works best.  When my children were little and threw a tantrum (fortunately it was not often) after they received the verbal warning, I simply walked away, even in public.  It worked every time!   I noticed that if I react, the drama level only increases.  Also, I do not deserve the disrespect that comes along with high drama level.  I feel that it is disrespectful to all involved to carry on in such a way that would frighten young and old alike.  Today, I sent her to the car while I found out there is no appointment available before the next crucial appointment, except for one tomorrow at 7:45 am that I simply cannot pull off and be in 3 different places.

Today, after the not-so-expected news from our great dentist, this was a fabulous part of my otherwise smooth afternoon.  We are all on our own private time-outs so that all nerves calm down.  Teenage daughter has been talked to by me (dad is not home yet).  Let’s hope that our evening is more pleasant than this afternoon.

Pray for me . . .


Raising children in this world . . . January 17, 2013

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A question was posed on the radio program that I listen to every morning . . . “Do you think the media- music, movies, tv, video games, etc. need more regulation to protect the children?”

Of course, being the gal that I am, I had to respond.  My answer, a big NO!  My question to those pondering this- Since everything already has ratings, why do we need MORE regulation?  Is it not the parent’s responsibility to pay attention to what their child is playing, watching and participating in?  The problem is parenting.  Too many parents are not willing to step up to the plate to do their job.  Why does a 10 year old need to watch “The Hangover”, “The New Normal” and horror films?  Why are children allowed by their parents to have a Facebook page before the legal age?  Why does a parent allow them to lie about their age in order to get one, simply because all their friends have a Facebook page?  When a parent does this, they are encouraging lying.  Lying to be able to be cool, lying in order to be like everyone else?  Why does an 11 year old need a FB page anyways?  Why don’t we teach our children the arts of communication and conversation?

Another point brought up is children and cell phones.  My children do not have one.  They are 9 and almost 14.  Here is our reasons:  Cell phones are a privlege.  We are with you at your activities.  If we are not with you and your have an emergency, go to the office, find a mom or a police officer.  You must do x,y,z, to earn this privlege, and you have not.  You are able to use the phone at home to talk to people.

One argument is what if there was an emergency at school, like the one in Conneticutt.  I have pondered this greatly.  First, too many people, parents, etc react strictly on emotion with their answer and say they want to feel better knowing their child is ok.  Here is the reality.  In the case of a lockdown, there is NO time to go to the back of the room, or in the case of my children, OUTSIDE to grab the cell phone out of the back pack.  Bad guys are not going to give you time to stop and get your phone.  In a lockdown, you could be trapped and in your hidden position for minutes or an hour, you cannot give up your location to get your phone and call mom.  I would never ask my child to do that.

Here is what we have taught our children before and after Conneticutt.  You are safe.  Your teachers, school staff, 4-H advisors, your family are always there to protect you in the event of an emergency.  Be an outstanding listener.  Listen to the adult in charge.  Always keep a calm head and do not be the cryer in the group.  If you are lost, look for a mom, a teacher, a soldier, an officer.  Be a helper.  Be a comforter.  There is and always will be evil in our world.  Be the light and know that you have been dedicated back to the Lord.  No matter what happens in your life, you are loved.

The most important thing, NEVER let FEAR take a hold of you.  Fear is not of God.  Too many people react or do nothing because they let fear take hold.  Never be afraid of the bad guys, you know what to do.

We play a game with our girls when we chat sometimes- “What would you do if . . .”  Talk about what would happen if there was a bad guy, an earthquake, a fire.  If you talk about it, the kids build confidence.  Don’t be afraid of guns, learn how to use them.  My girls take classes and they love to shoot.  Guns are not the problem, people and their hearts are the problem. 

Choose what you see, hear, think and do.  Everything is a choice.  God gave us all free will.  It can be a blessing or a curse.  What do you chose to do with it?

Parenting is a job and a responsibility.  I am accountable for how my children turn out.  I am responsible for everything they do until they are of age and on their own.  I do not take this job lightly.  My children are not a pain, they are not an accessory, they are not to be cast aside.  They are my joy and blessings.  I chose to give birth to them, and when I did, I accepted all the work that cam along with them.


Trying something new . . . January 7, 2013

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Well, I have done it.  I have stated my own blog.  I have thought about it for such a long time.  I love to share thoughts and recipes.  I want to be helpful and inspiraional.  I need to just get my thoughts out there, even if no one reads it!  Ha!

Do you have a favorite recipe to share?  Questions on how to meal plan?  Questions about Lupus?  I would love to know!

Blessings to you on this cold January evening!