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Raising children in this world . . . January 17, 2013

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A question was posed on the radio program that I listen to every morning . . . “Do you think the media- music, movies, tv, video games, etc. need more regulation to protect the children?”

Of course, being the gal that I am, I had to respond.  My answer, a big NO!  My question to those pondering this- Since everything already has ratings, why do we need MORE regulation?  Is it not the parent’s responsibility to pay attention to what their child is playing, watching and participating in?  The problem is parenting.  Too many parents are not willing to step up to the plate to do their job.  Why does a 10 year old need to watch “The Hangover”, “The New Normal” and horror films?  Why are children allowed by their parents to have a Facebook page before the legal age?  Why does a parent allow them to lie about their age in order to get one, simply because all their friends have a Facebook page?  When a parent does this, they are encouraging lying.  Lying to be able to be cool, lying in order to be like everyone else?  Why does an 11 year old need a FB page anyways?  Why don’t we teach our children the arts of communication and conversation?

Another point brought up is children and cell phones.  My children do not have one.  They are 9 and almost 14.  Here is our reasons:  Cell phones are a privlege.  We are with you at your activities.  If we are not with you and your have an emergency, go to the office, find a mom or a police officer.  You must do x,y,z, to earn this privlege, and you have not.  You are able to use the phone at home to talk to people.

One argument is what if there was an emergency at school, like the one in Conneticutt.  I have pondered this greatly.  First, too many people, parents, etc react strictly on emotion with their answer and say they want to feel better knowing their child is ok.  Here is the reality.  In the case of a lockdown, there is NO time to go to the back of the room, or in the case of my children, OUTSIDE to grab the cell phone out of the back pack.  Bad guys are not going to give you time to stop and get your phone.  In a lockdown, you could be trapped and in your hidden position for minutes or an hour, you cannot give up your location to get your phone and call mom.  I would never ask my child to do that.

Here is what we have taught our children before and after Conneticutt.  You are safe.  Your teachers, school staff, 4-H advisors, your family are always there to protect you in the event of an emergency.  Be an outstanding listener.  Listen to the adult in charge.  Always keep a calm head and do not be the cryer in the group.  If you are lost, look for a mom, a teacher, a soldier, an officer.  Be a helper.  Be a comforter.  There is and always will be evil in our world.  Be the light and know that you have been dedicated back to the Lord.  No matter what happens in your life, you are loved.

The most important thing, NEVER let FEAR take a hold of you.  Fear is not of God.  Too many people react or do nothing because they let fear take hold.  Never be afraid of the bad guys, you know what to do.

We play a game with our girls when we chat sometimes- “What would you do if . . .”  Talk about what would happen if there was a bad guy, an earthquake, a fire.  If you talk about it, the kids build confidence.  Don’t be afraid of guns, learn how to use them.  My girls take classes and they love to shoot.  Guns are not the problem, people and their hearts are the problem. 

Choose what you see, hear, think and do.  Everything is a choice.  God gave us all free will.  It can be a blessing or a curse.  What do you chose to do with it?

Parenting is a job and a responsibility.  I am accountable for how my children turn out.  I am responsible for everything they do until they are of age and on their own.  I do not take this job lightly.  My children are not a pain, they are not an accessory, they are not to be cast aside.  They are my joy and blessings.  I chose to give birth to them, and when I did, I accepted all the work that cam along with them.


A cold winter Saturday January 12, 2013

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Winter is officially on the Central Coast.  I have not warmed up for several days.  At 10am this morning, we still had ice.  As I write, the fire is going and I am hoping that the air hits our room, which tends to be the coldest in the house.  What made the day great, besides a beautiful, cold day?  I sewed with the girls to move them along on their 4-H projects.  We watched the fabuluos 49ers win their game tonight.  I was very glad that I was not at Candlestick- cold and DAMP!  A lupies worst combination, however, in truth, I would suffer for the chance to take my family to a 49er game!

I did make a Chop-Chop salad for dinner.  I love this method of making a big salad.  Throw it all in a bowl and use your salad choppers and go!  Once you have it broken down,  toss it with some croutons and dressing and Voila!  dinner!  Much faster than chopping each and every veggie.  A great way to make a salad when you are feeling a bit lazy!

Well, tonight is supposed to be colder than last- we better find some extra blankets!  Stay warm and sweet dreams!


The Results . . . January 7, 2013

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The French Fries baked in the oven were a hit!

French Fry Cutter in action

French Fry Cutter in action

Make sure you plan ahead when you want to make these, as it was a 40 minute bake time. The family thought they were just as good as fried ones. I followed the recipe instructions and seasoned with Heffer Dust when they came out of the over. Same with my sweet potato fries. I could have baked those a little less.

Here is what they looked like coming out of the oven

Tasted just as good as the naughty ones when you eat out!  Baked on a stone bar pan.

Tasted just as good as the naughty ones when you eat out! Baked on a stone bar pan.

Don’t be afraid to give them a try! Want the directions on how to make them? Post a comment and then I will post the how to! I am a tease, aren’t I??? 🙂


French Fries

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Tonight for dinner I am making burgers- Grass-fed beef for hubby and the girls, chicken for me. The new thing I will be trying is “Perfect Oven French Fries”. Seems fast, easy and above all, HEALTHY! I have used my french fry cutter from that fabulous kitchen company (Guess Who!) many times, but I have not tried this recipe that came with it. I have made zucchini fries, jicama sticks and cut potatoes for breakfast with it, but actual fries, this will be a first. Sounds easy, I will let you know. I may have to make some sweet potato fries for me since I can’t eat potatoes. It is only fair, right?


Trying something new . . .

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Well, I have done it.  I have stated my own blog.  I have thought about it for such a long time.  I love to share thoughts and recipes.  I want to be helpful and inspiraional.  I need to just get my thoughts out there, even if no one reads it!  Ha!

Do you have a favorite recipe to share?  Questions on how to meal plan?  Questions about Lupus?  I would love to know!

Blessings to you on this cold January evening!