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What a week! February 28, 2013

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This has been a week of the wild roller coaster!  My dear friend Karen got remarried last weekend to a wonderful man.  Coming from an abusive marriage, she and her children have found joy again!  I was honored to do her alterations for her wedding gown and to dress her (one of my favorite things to do for brides!)  The best part was knowing a surprise that was coming during the ceremony and then getting to watch the reactions!

After watching what she and her kids have gone through, it feels so good to see them all happy and joyful.  Everyone deserves that!

This has been a busy work week too!  Shows have been great this week.  The girls did cake decorating.  It should be against the law to have 2 cakes on the counter.  I feel responsible for making sure they are not wasted . . . I just can’t let that happen . . . they are gone now . . .

I finally tackeled cleaning my office.  I needed to, as I have my first adult sewing class down there tomorrow night.  I can’t wait!  I finally started my new business teaching the different aspects of Home Economics.  Check out my website-

Now the marathon begins . . . Another wedding gown to get ready and my eldest daughter turns 14 on Tuesday.  That means Birthday Hanakauh!  Melodrama and dinner Saturday with her BFFs, Spaghetti dinner with family Sunday for her b-day. Then, my mystery host show is Monday night.  I am feeling a bit anxious, like not enough hours in a day . . . I know, it always works out . . .


2 Responses to “What a week!”

  1. LauraBelle Says:

    I have loved Karen ever since meeting her thru her Mom basically when Kody & Audrey were going to Little Lambs, then headed up by Lisa Z. It saddens me to know that thru all these years I never knew of her abuse. I have been thru that myself. I am so grateful I found this post Jaime. To know that she is in a marriage of love & happiness mends the break my heart felt at the discovery of her & the children’s treatment. I love YOU as well and am honored to have you in my life! ❤

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