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The Superbowl and childhood memories . . . February 5, 2013

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Now that the Super Bowl is over, and I think I got most of the party mess over, it is time to reflect.  This year was special.  Not only am I one of the 49er Faithful, I got really sentimental.  Most people do not realize that I am not a Central Coast native.  I did marry one though.

I was born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Just south of San Francisco, I even went to the same high school where Steve Jobs and Woz had attended.  My sister and I went to school with some of the kids of 49er players.  We used to fight over who was going to marry Joe Montana (I should, of course, I am older!)  We were in the city all the time.  I still lived there when they were in the 4 previous Super Bowls that they won.

Even more unknown, I gradutated from Turlock High.  Yes, I lived in Turlock for 2 years.  The same town that Colin Kapernick is from.  (and my girls are arguing over which one gets to marry him!)  Granted, the high school he graduated from did not even exist when I lived there, we are just bursting with pride!

To top off the excitement, I had to go to “work” (in quotes since my family does not think I work on those trips) in the Bay Area, a trip to the City was necessary, just 2 days before the Super Bowl that I waited for for 19 years.  

To make my day even better .  . . . Boudin Bakery made Footbal Sourdough Loaves!

To make my day even better . . . . Boudin Bakery made Footbal Sourdough Loaves!

My hotel was just a couple of minutes walk from the NEW 49er stadium- to be ready by the 2014 season!

We had such a FUN party with the our friends and family for the big game! My heart was filled with joy to be able to share our home! Even though our team lost, it was such a great day!

Just a bit of the delicious feast we had!

Just a bit of the delicious feast we had!

Granted there were some mistakes made, the fact that the 49ers made it to the Superbowl was amazing and I beleive next year, we will be back again! I cannot wait for football season to start!!!! Hurry up fall!


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    love it

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